Latest Resume Trends

latest resume trends

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Before applying for a new job, it is not only a resume you need but also information about the latest resume trends. And for that matter, we’ve prepared a few good tidbits to know about some trends that will greatly influence your job application. Come on in and let’s dive in.

Latest Resume Trends 2016

  • Forty three percent of job seekers are using a Smartphone, a device helping them stay updated with their applications through emails, for instance.
  • Only five seconds are spent by an HR officer to read your resume. In this case, making yours outstanding, compelling and eye-catching is paramount concern.

There are certain keywords that HR officers are looking for in a resume:

  • 44 percent looks for leadership
  • 31 percent finds the keyword productivity
  • 51 percent looks for problem solving skills
  • 33 percent searches for the keyword team building

What are the trendy kinds of resumes in 2016?

  • 18, 400, 000 applicants have located their jobs using Facebook and about 68 percent of employers are finding applicants on it.
  • 10, 200, 000 applicants searched and found their jobs on the platform LinkedIn and 68 percent of the employers found them there.
  • 89 percent of the employers revealed that they would watch a video and about 1.8 million is the said value of one video

Now, let’s move on and proceed to the dos and don’ts of a resume


  1. You need a proper latest format resume.
  2. You also have to write only relevant information.
  3. You have to make your resume short and concise.
  4. You should only include truthful information.


  1. Use fancy or crazy fonts.
  2. Use a ridiculous email.
  3. Write with mistakes.
  4. Use jargons and acronyms.

Learning of the latest resume trends will help you gear your application towards the most updated trends in your job applications and knowing of these will help you write based on things accepted for successful applications the coming year. Finally, spend enough time researching about the company so that you can also create a targeted resume that will impress hiring managers and employers themselves.

To discover even more useful tips on a proper resume format 2016, feel free to go on reading.

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