Format Resume 2016 – Worse Every Second You Spent on It

format resume 2016

What is the best format resume 2016? It is that time again when people are getting ready to apply for a new job in the coming year. And just like all types of trends, there are those that stay and those that do not. What are the most important trends and updates you have to know about proper resume format 2016 then?

cv-format-2016-factsProper Resume Format 2016

Sections include:

  • Headers (name, email address and mobile or phone number)
  • Objective statement (a short description of your career goals and plans)
  • Career summary (major achievements and summary of core competencies highlighting your expertise in the industry)
  • Education (list of schools attended , grade or score, year graduated)
  • Work experience (list of jobs you handled and description of duties and responsibilities)
  • Skills (what makes you stand out based on the skills related to the job you know of)

Resume Maker Tips: Things to Remember

format resume 2016 cv_education

  • The new format of resume should include only the most important details about you to help you land an interview based on the suitability of your knowledge and skills they need.
  • Resume writing services reveal that applicants have to take time in writing your resume. You should also research and read the qualifications and requirements of the employer based on the job posting.
  • Resume website suggests that you should submit tailored resumes per application. Employers may figure out if you are sending a generic resume that you have submitted in other applications.
  • You can submit your resume in modern resume format 2016 PDF aside from word format.
  • Do not forget about proofreading and editing your resume to avoid any slight typos in your application. Avoid sending one with grammar and spelling mistakes and that you can do by reading your resume a couple of times before submitting it.

Format Resume 2016

Consider the tips above when writing your resume to ensure that you are complying with the trends of job applications. Tailor it based on the job posting to stand out and do not include any fluff just to fill up the sections. Write briefly and concisely. Avoid jargons and express yourself well. Write your format resume 2016 today!

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